Great design leads to great performance.

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It’s under the bench.

The BrewBar started as a concept to open up the café counter and allow customers to experience the barista’s skills and the theatre of coffee making.

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The BrewBar Coffee Machine

Innovative design.
Optimum efficiency.

The true appreciation comes from watching a skilled barista use this machine to it’s full potential. The design enables a workflow that allows the barista to produce a volume that cannot be achieved on conventional machines.


Early trials suggest barista output increased by at least 20%.

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Great coffee.
Better experience.

From catching up on your life, to spending time with the people you love, a great coffee is a precious moment just for you. The BrewBar creates a better experience.

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Italian styling.
Australian ingenuity.

The BrewBar is designed to fit into your cafe, restaurant or bar, and can be configured for each application. The BrewBar can be configured in one, two, three or four group options.


Brilliant simplicity.

  • Volume metric function allows for each head to be programmed with desired water brewing volume
  • Each head can be calibrated to 0.1 degree brewing temperature
  • Automatic washing program
  • Automatic on-and-off time setting saves energy
  • Shot time display function
  • Programmable shot time
  • Brewing temperature display function
  • Cool touch steam wands (optional)
  • Bench options
    • Polished stainless
    • Engineered stone
    • Granite

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